26th November: Entre Lagos (Puyehue)

After the chaos of Osorno, I was looking forward to a nice quiet campsite for the next few days. I certainly found quiet – so quiet, in fact, that despite being ‘open’, the campsite didn’t even have any water in the toilet cisterns and the showers were still in a state of having woodwork done in them. To make things even worse, it rained quite hard all day. I did get a chance for a quick walk around the village in the afternoon and quickly determined that there wasn’t enough to be worth staying, so by the evening I’d opted to sleep there for one night and to move on the following day.


I’m sure that Camping Vista Hermosa is lovely enough during high season (it certainly has what would have been a spectacular view had I been able to see it through the rain), but at this time of year it really shouldn’t have been advertising itself as being ‘open’.


The view from the private beach at Camping Vista Hermosa

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