40 days in Chile

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"The adventure of a lifetime..."

About the trip

During November and December 2015, I'm spending six weeks travelling through Chile.

The basic plan is simple: the trip divides into four sections. I'll start in the North, travelling through the Atacama Desert and up into the foothills of the Andes by bus. I then switch to the fertile middle of the country, where I'll spend a couple weeks camping, and seeing the sights from the comfort of a car. For the third leg, I travel by boat through the fjords of Patagonia as far as Tierra del Fuego and the renowned Magellan Strait, before returning to the centre to visit Valparaiso and the capital, Santiago.

It promises to be the trip of a lifetime, and (although I'll be away from the internet for much of the trip), I'll be keeping my blog and social media up-to-date as often as possible.

In case you're wondering, I'm able to do this thanks to the generosity of my employer, Redgate Software, which offers a paid sabbatical after 5 years at the company. By the way, if you're around Cambridge (UK) or Pasadena (California), we're hiring.

Chile 2015