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RSGB AFS Super-League 2011-12

The joint Camb-Hams/CUWS entry in the AFS Super-League
This page is archived. It was last modified in February 2012 and it will probably not be updated.
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The Contest


□ About the contest

The RSGB Affiliated Societies Super-League score is obtained from the leading club scores in a number of affiliated societies contests through the winter season.

In 2011-12, I operated as part of the Camb-Hams team, which was supported by Cambridge University Wireless Society. My write-ups can be found on individual pages for each of the six AFS contests that form part of the Super-League:

This page will contain the Camb-Hams score and placing once it has been calculated. Details of our Super-League placing in the 2010-11 season are also available.

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