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AvatarI’m Dominic Smith, a 36 year-old guy with far too many different roles and not enough time.

By day, I’m a certified ScrumMaster®, working at the Royal Society of Chemistry. I was previously Agile Project Manager, and before that Technical Author, at Red Gate.

By night, I’m an active radio amateur with the callsign M0BLF (and W0BLF in the USA). I’m particularly involved in contesting (making as many radio contacts as possible within a certain amount of time) with the Camb-Hams. I also volunteer doing public service radio as part of Raynet, the UK’s emergency communications group. Raynet events often involve assisting both the organisers and medical cover at everything from long-distance cycle rides and marathons to village fairs.

I also volunteer at the local community radio station, Cambridge 105 as an Outside Broadcast engineer, and I also co-present the Weekend Waffle (Fridays from 10pm-midnight) on the same station.

I hold a PhD on the discourse of former President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela from the University of Birmingham and, as an undergraduate, I read French and Spanish at Cambridge University.

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Dom

    Just seen your youtube video re the Birmingham University Amateur Radio Society and its demise in the 80s.

    I was there in the 80s if you’d like to catch up.


  2. You’ll see, on my Mk 1 website, that I’m using proverbs to enable you to explore (and then perhaps study) languages with which you are unacquainted.

    I’ve just come across your thesis on Aranes: fascinating stuff! Do you know of any sources for Aranes proverbs?

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