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QSL Cards for M0BLF

Requesting QSL Cards for contacts with M0BLF or M0BLF/P only.

The information on this page only appies to contacts made with M0BLF or M0BLF/P. I am also QSL Manager a number of other callsigns and operations. For information on these, see the list of managed cards.

An image of the front of my current QSL card may be found below. If you want one, please tell me during our QSO or send me your card. I reply to all received cards, including SWL reports provided that they correspond with my log.

Because I am a student, the vast majority of my cards are dealt with via the buro. I only normally send out cards direct when I contact a new IOTA or DXCC entitity or if I receive an IRC / green stamp together with any direct card request.

My logs are regularly uploaded to the Logbook of the World system. If I send you paper card, please reply with paper even if a LoTW match has already been created, as I might need it for award schemes not yet accepting LoTW credits. I do not accept™ cards.

2004 Design

My 2004 QSL card

This card was printed in February 2004 and will be issued for QSOs after 1 April 2004, unless I run out of the old ones before then. The picture shows me operating M4A in CQWW SSB 2003 (actually it was just after the contest - if you look hard you will notice the computer and rig are turned off) and also me at Two Bridges, which is near my home QTH on Dartmoor. Thanks to Tony at LZ1JZ Print for printing and dispatching them rapidly.

2001 Design

My 2001 QSL card

This QSL card has been issued since 2001 and shows a picture of myself with photographs of my home village (Yelverton) and also of Girton College, Cambridge University, which is where I studied.

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