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The joint Camb-Hams/CUWS entry in AFS SSB, January 2011
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Win-Test screen

The Contest


□ About the contest

This contest was the third of four contests forming the AFS Super-League, which Cambridge University Wireless Society and the Camb-Hams (the social part of Cambridgeshire Repeater Group) entered jointly. See AFS 2m for more information on the Super-League entry.

I operated from the Cambridge University shack as G6UW for this event.



□ The Rigs and Antennas used in the entry

I operated using an FT-1000MP with 400W from a Quadra linear to an inverted-V dipole, with the centre point at about 30ft.

Adjudicated Score

□ The summary of points I made during the contest

After log checking, I had 2600 points (only 20 points fewer than claimed), which placed me 28th out of 236. Along with G3ZAY, G3PYE and M1BXF, my points counted for the Camb-Hams A entry, which came in 6th place (out of 85) in the team competition.


□ My comments about the contest

Activity was very good to start with, and I was impressed to have a 120 QSO / hour rate in the first hour of a domestic contest. I very quickly found that I had worked most of the stations I could hear, however, and so the rate soon reduced.

QSL Information

QSL Stamp

□ How to get a QSL-Card for a Contest QSO

QSL is OK direct or via the bureau to M0BLF. About G6UW QSL Cards.

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