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I operated for a total of 8 hours in a combined team from Cambridge University Wireless Society and the Granta Contest Group (with G0WAT, G3ZAY, G4AXX, G4EAG, G4JVG, G4KNO, M0BBB and M0TDG). We sadly had no QSOs on 10m which has finally died for the cycle, I suspect, and our 160m dipole didn't perform quite as we had hoped. Nevertheless, we made 1989 QSOs in 208 band-states, giving a total claimed score of 1,241,136.
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Results: After log checking we had lost just under 2% of our points, with a final tally of 1,217,160. This put us in 6th place (out of 11) in the Multi-Two Europe category. The gap between us and 5th place (RW2F) was notable, however: they got 2,158,902 points, and the winners, HG6N, got 2,634,645.

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