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CQ WW SSB 2003

I was part of the Cambridge University team (M4A) in this contest, together with G0HSD G3ZAY M0BBB M0TDG and M1ENK, Multi/Single Assisted. Our total claimed score was 2,503,692 (2164 QSOs / 126 band-zones).
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Results: We came fourth place in the England Multi-Single category, behind M1P, G3BJ and G6PZ. Our final score was 2 209 942, meaning that we lost 11.73% in log-checking. Our multiplier totals were higher than G6PZ (122 zones; 480 countries versus their 115/451) but they made 2659 QSOs against our 2116, leaving them with 2 758 118 points.

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