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my time in cambridge

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my time in cambridge

I really enjoyed my time in Cambridge and would have stayed there had they had any Corpus Linguistics specialists. This page mainly contains details of my undergraduate course in the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos.

Visitors who do not understand the structure of Cambridge University might like to look at this overview. I also have some photographs of the University and of my graduation.

fourth year: 2003-04

In the 2003-04 academic year, I studied the following papers:

  • Sp11 - The Hispanic Languages
  • CS1 - The Romance Languages
  • SPS Tripos Int7 - Society, Politics and Culture in Latin America.
  • French language papers (Oral, Translation, Essay)

year abroad: 2002-03

In the 2002-03 academic year, worked as an English language teaching assistant at the Lycée Louis Barthou in Pau, South-West France, during which time I also wrote a dissertation about Aranés: a variety of Occitan spoken by the residents of the Aran valley in the Spanish Pyrennees. You can read my Year Abroad Diary (blog) online, which details some of my experiences. The dissertation is also available.

second year: 2001-02

In the 2001-02 academic year (my second year), I studied the following papers in the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and achieved an average 2.i class in the examinations.

  • Sp. 1 - Structures and Varieties of Modern Spanish
  • SpB1 - Translation from Spanish into English (and speaking examination)
  • SpB2 - Use of Spanish
  • FrB3 - Translation from English into French (and listening examination)
  • Fr. 11 - The History of the French Language

I also completed the Certificate in Humanities Computing for Languages.

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