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I have long been interested in computing and, although I have followed a languages-orientated academic path, I have always made sure that I have kept up-to-date through teaching myself. Indeed, my website was launched some ten years ago primarily to give myself experience in hand-coding HTML.

Since then, I have gained qualifications, undertaken commercial projects and also projects for fun. I also wrote the HamELog website-based logging program for radio amateurs, which is now maintained by Michael Wells, G7VJR.

I primarily 'speak' PHP with MySQL, xHTML and CSS but also have a reasonable knowledge of JavaScript (including AJAX and the concept of DOM), XSL, SMIL and Perl. Naturally, having been involved in setting-up a number of websites, I am also well versed in DNS and other parts of internet infrastructure. I am also aware of regulatory and standards issues on the internet, and endeavour to make sure that all sites I am involved with are as accessible as possible.

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I am Dominic Smith and this is my personal website.
I am a radio amateur, Agile project manager and website developer living in Cambridge.   More about me »