Ham Shack

Home QTH (Milton, Cambs., JO02BF)

I very rarely operate from my home station. When I do, I use an IC-706Mk2G with about 40W (to limit the risk of QRM to my neighbours) into a wire around the house gutter. As it’s a rented property, I can’t put up anything more substantial, although there is a 2m colinear in the roof. Despite the poor equipment and high noise floor, I have managed to work into Australia on that equipment.

In my car, I have an FT-8900 for voice and also an FT-2500 with Cross Country tracker, which operates as APRS station M0BLF-9.

Cambridge University Wireless Society (West Cambridge, JO02AF)

More commonly, I operate from the CUWS (callsign G6UW or M4A in some major contests). This is a well-appointed shack located to the West of Cambridge. Amongst the equipment is a 60ft mast with a SteppIR yagi.

Flossie (Mobile, often JO02CE)

‘Flossie’ is the amateur radio demonstration vehicle operated by the Camb-Hams. As she has multiple uses, equipment changes from day-to-day but the built-in 40ft Clarke mast is generally used for VHF/UHF beams. We use Flossie for UKAC contests each Tuesday evening, for the AFS series of contests over the winter months, as a Raynet control vehicle and also as an Outside Broadcast unit for Cambridge 105 community radio.


Flossie at sunset


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