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Californian Islands 2008

A planned activation of Santa Catalina and Santa Cruz islands, California, which was cancelled.
This page is archived. It was last modified in November 2009 and it will probably not be updated.

Updated 14-Apr-08: Owing to G3ZAY's family commitments, this trip has been cancelled

Avalon Harbour, Santa Catalina

I will be active as W6/M0BLF with Martin NU2L/6 from two IOTA island groups in California just before the Visalia DX Convention.

Text of the DXpedition announcement

Martin G3ZAY (NU2L) and Dominic M0BLF (W6/M0BLF) plan to be QRV from Santa Catalina (NA-066) from 2300z Sunday April 20th to 2000z Monday April 21st, and Santa Cruz (NA-144) from 2000z Tuesday April 22nd to 2200z Wednesday April 23rd. QSL to home calls.

Equipment and Location

We will operate from a hotel at Two Harbors on Santa Catalina and from the Scorpion Ranch campsite on Santa Cruz using an FT-100, 100W from battery power and vertical antennas.

The official IOTA website has full information (including maps) about NA-066 and NA-144.

After visiting the islands, we plan to take the coast road north towards San Jose on 24th April, before heading back to Visalia for the convention on 25th-27th April.


While we are on the islands, it is unlikely that we will have any internet access, but do check my Twitter for any updates to the information on this page. Equally, photographs will be uploaded to my Flickr account as soon as possible when we are back on the mainland.

You can also check for any DX Spots for W6/M0BLF and NU2L/6.

Previous trip

You can see details of our visit to Santa Catalina in 2005, and I also have photographs of the island on Flickr.

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