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Review of the Year 2011

What I did in amateur radio during 2011
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As I noted in my review of 2010, the completion of my PhD brought with it a resurgence in my activity in the hobby in the latter part of that year. That increased activity has continued into 2011:


My main activity in January was supporting the Camb-Hams in their entry in the RSGB Affiliated Societies (AFS) Super-League:
I operated in the 80m CW contest from Flossie as G3PYE/P. Together with G3ZAY (at G6UW), G7VJR and G4KNO, we came in 24th place of the 91 entrants.
A few weeks later, I operated as G6UW in 80m SSB. Together with M0VFC & M0TOC (at G3PYE/P), G3ZAY (at G3PJT) and G8TMV & M1BXF (at M1BXF), we came in 6th place.


February started with another entry with the Camb-Hams for AFS. I operated with G3ZAY at G6UW for the Camb-Hams Team B in the 70cms AFS. Together with G4ERO & M0VFC (at M0VFC) and G4BAO, the B-team came in 11th place. The Camb-Hams A-Team came in 7th place.
At the end of the month, I made 39 QSOs in the French Coupe du REF contest.


In March, I made 202 QSOs in the ARRL DX SSB contest. I came 10th of 23 English single operator stations, and also had a completely clean log (no points lost in adjudication) for the first time.


April started with a trip to the Lake District to activate some summits for SOTA with G3ZAY, M0TOC and M0YCS.
At the end of the month, I travelled to California for the Visalia DX Convention and to activate Santa Cruz and Santa Catalina islands for IOTA. The activation of Santa Cruz was a pretty major disaster, but I made 134 QSOs from Santa Catalina, which wasn't bad for just a few hours.


As every year, I helped run the communications centre for the Dartmoor Discovery Ultra-Marathon with the Dartmoor Radio Club, ensuring that approximately 160 runners got around the gruelling 32 mile course safely.
At the end of the month, I went on an IOTA DXpedition with G3ZAY and M0TOC to Inishmore and Inishbofin on the west coast of Ireland.


In July, I assisted the Camb-Hams operate as G6PYE/P in the VHF National Field Day. We came 7th of 17 entrants in the Open section.


In August, G3ZAY, M0TOC, M0SKI and I went to Snowdonia to operate from a couple of summits for SOTA.


The month started with Field Day at G3PYE and, a couple of weeks later, a visit to the Foire Radioamateur de La Louvière in Belgium; my first time at this interesting rally.
September also saw my main DXpedition of the year, to Saint Pierre et Miquelon (FP). Six of us made 17,500 QSOs in about 5 days, with 4 stations.


As every year, I visited the RSGB Convention in October, where I gave presentations on the things I'm working on for, and on the FP DXpedition.
At the end of the month, I again organised the entry in CQ WW SSB from M4A. This was very successful: results aren't out yet, but it looks like we have substantially beaten the English record that we set for our category last year.


In November, I made 100 QSOs in the RSGB Club Calls (1.8MHz) contest, which was the first AFS Super-League contest of the 2011-2012 season. This put me in 19th place of 128 entrants. When combined with the other Camb-Hams A-team scores (M1BXF & G8TMV & M0ZXA at GX3PYE, M0VFC at G8IDL and M1ACB), we came 3rd out of 59 clubs entering.
I attended the RSGB's EGM in Birmingham, where I was pleased to see that the resolution to create the Interim Board was passed.
I also made 10 QSOs in the CQ WW CW contest.


The 2nd AFS Super-League event was the 144MHz AFS contest at the start of December. I made 93 QSOs.
I also made 104 QSOs in the ARRL 10m contest.
This month I was also interviewed by Suzanne N1SUZ for the South Coast Amateur Radio Service training sessions. The 90 minute interview, about IOTA, was carried live on a number of repeaters across the US East Coast.
And, although I wasn't on the trip myself, I am acting as QSL Manager for the GJ6UW DXpedition to Jersey, which also took place in December.

Additionally, I have been doing a lot of work on the website for the Islands on the Air website during the year. The improvements should go live in spring 2012.

Looking forward to next year, I have planned trips to the VERON Dutch National Radio Flea Market in 's-Hertogenbosch (my first trip here) and to Freidrichshafen (my last time at Europe's biggest radio rally was in 2001, so a return visit is long overdue). The only DXpedition in the diary at present is the Camb-Hams trip to Mull at the end of April. I have also (finally) joined Raynet, so I expect to be doing a lot more radio for public service during the next 12 months.

The report below is generated for QSOs made as M0BLF only. Other callsigns I used during the year are not included.

Between 01-01-2011 and 31-12-2011, I made 649 QSOs to 51 DXCC entities (countries).

QSO totals by band/mode

	---------------------  	-------
	    Raw Totals          Band %
	---------------------  	-------
----	--	--	----
LF	0	0	0	0
160m	1	101	0	15.7
80m	2	1	0	0.5
40m	2	55	0	8.8
30m	2	0	0	0.3
20m	14	105	0	18.3
17m	3	1	0	0.6
15m	3	114	0	18
12m	2	1	0	0.5
10m	9	95	0	16
6m	0	1	0	0.2
VHF	1	136	0	21.1
Mode %:	6	94	0

DXCC totals by band/mode

----	--	--	----	-----
LF	0	0	0	0
160m	1	6	0	7
80m	2	1	0	3
40m	2	13	0	15
30m	2	0	0	2
20m	13	14	0	27
17m	3	1	0	4
15m	3	6	0	9
12m	2	1	0	3
10m	3	3	0	6
6m	0	1	0	1
VHF	1	8	0	17

Top DXCC entities

  1. USA (W): 262
  2. ENGLAND (G): 216
  3. FRANCE (F): 45
  4. CANADA (VE): 44

All-time new DXCC Entities in 2011

The following stations were all-time new DXCCs for me:

QSOs by Month for 2011

  1. January: 3
  2. February: 66
  3. March: 207
  4. April: 22
  5. May: 1
  6. June: 0
  7. July: 22
  8. August: 0
  9. September: 0
  10. October: 1
  11. November: 110
  12. December: 217

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